Brothers & Sisters

Where: Lot 45, Brooklyn, NY
When: Nov 18, 2016
Celebrating Sibling Revelry!
Join Real Life Brother & Sister DJ's for "Family Time" before heading off on Turkey Day to deal with your real folks. The fam that spins together, stays together!
Few can deny that the recent political happenings have us all craving deeper, more meaningfiul experiences with one another. We are all seeking proof of GOODNESS in one another. Our purpose for this event will be to create a comfortable, safe space for each of us to be able to happily share GOOD VIBES & create wonderful memories.
Expect Deep, Soulful, & Groovy House & Techno
Also Double Dutch! And a Bedazzling Booth! And Hot Toddy Warm Drinks! And Drink Specials all night long
Twinsies Theme! So grab your friend/lover/sibling/wing person & start planning your same-same matching outfits 😉
REsy (Yes&Yay)
HardCandy (yes&yay, The Athena Collective, GHouse)
Allies For Everyone (Einmusika, Blindfold, Soso) soundcloud.com/allies
Michael Suarez (GHouse)
Including performances by:
Andre Mistier of The Adversary 
Bedazzling by:
Ariane Fuentes 
You & Your Crew:
Double Dutch Jump Rope Battles
Photos By:
Gabriel Mikal
No cover.