She Sheek Boutique

Zoom Event

Welcome She Sheek Sisters! 

Yes&Yay Presents: She Sheek Boutique Zoom Event! We created this event with the intention to come together in support of one another, to share juicy goddess resources, info, and inspo, and of course, to sheek-shake those booties! 

·    Who: You, Me, Her, Them, US. Bring your girls!

·    What: Yes and Yay! She Sheek Boutique - Where girlfriends come together, hold space, and build community. 

·     Why: Because, amongst all the chaos, we are intentionally choosing to show up for ourselves, and each other. We're also building an arsenal of eclectic, magical females...but we digress. 

Prepare to:  

*dance- a DJ will be throwing it all the way down so come ready to MOVE :) 

* get some awesome beauty, wellness, health, tips from our one and only beauty and skin care specialist-  Prissa Jean

* breathe deeper and set positive intentions with our meditation kween- Lina Skiba

* dive deeper into discussions with the hosts and special guest speakers 

* discover our Non-Profit Highlight of the week:

Comfy and stylish goddess lounge attire, note taking equip., water.  Recommended!

Donate Here:

CASH App: $yesandyay  I  PayPal: yesandyay@gmail.com  I  Venmo: @yesandyay

(Proceeds going towards the weekly non-profit & our marketing efforts.)



See you there!







IRL Event

Yes&Yay + BAE Presents: She Sheek Boutique - Holiday Edition!