Christina Crossin

Christina Crossin is a well-known name in the NYC underground electronic music scene. Since her integration as an artist into the scene in 2014, she has focused primarily on mastering the art of DJing, curating unique performances through her characteristic manipulation of music and meticulous track selection.
She has now shifted gears entering the world of production, bringing over fifteen years of classical training with her. Christina began her musical journey at the age of four on the piano, which quickly escalated into private lessons on multiple instruments that continued through adulthood. She focused heavily on the cello, which she credits being the reason for her love of the deeper sounds and bass. Christina has had great success translating her classical foundation into her current sound. She has always resonated the closest with the deeper and darker elements of music, which is reflective in her bass heavy and minimal yet melodic sound.
As Christina focuses on fine tuning her production techniques, she remains a regular name on the bills of NYC’s top nightlife destinations as well as highly recognized nightclubs nationwide. Christina has recently joined forces with two other NYC natives creating a group known as Chic Choc, which is an electronic music project/live act that incorporates the use of drum machines, synthesizers, bass guitar, voice and a variety of sound filters and pedals on all original compositions. As she is constantly striving to reach and recreate new goals, Christina has set the bar high for herself, and her ambition and dedication will be undeniable in the days and years to come.